Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New venture strategy for Nashville

It is not too strong a word to say that entrepreneur Mike Shmerling hates getting as much media coverage as he does, personally. He would rather more attention be given his operating companies and new ventures like "Mayberry's Finest" foods, which is marketed using the leverage of the CBS-controlled franchise of "The Andy Griffith Show." Well, if Mike wants to avoid the spotlight, he's going to have to quit producing such good ideas as the one we report on this morning over at VentureNashville.com. It's a potentially game-changing strategy for spawning startups that are likely, over time, to produce the kind of family tree we're all familiar with in the healthcare sector. Read the full story here.

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Christopher Rand said...

Definitely an interesting idea. Its fairly similar to technology transfer that has occurred at universities for quite some time. I think ultimately, this concept would face the same challenges that university start-ups do; access to finace-able management and very early stage capital. It all comes down to deal specifics of course.