Monday, March 08, 2010

Scripps e-Content guru steps down

Knoxville-based Rusty Coats (at left), formerly vice president of E.W. Scripps newspapers, a post he'd held less than a year, resigned from the post, effective today. He said in a statement, in part, "After more than 20 years with newspapers - 15 of them on the interactive side - I would like to explore the broader interactive world. There is a lot of innovation happening in the interactive space - some in newspapers, some outside. I want to see what's outside without viewing it through a familiar lens," Coats said in a statement." Coats was vice president of interactive for the newspaper division of Scripps prior to his current role, joining the company in August 2008. The KNS has the story. KNS icon Jack Lail wrote about Coats' interactive content philosophy in an earlier blogpost.

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