Thursday, April 01, 2010

VNC's Capps joining FT's mergermarket

On April 7th I'm joining the crew at The Financial Times Group's mergermarket newsletter, in the role of Nashville-based regional reporter, focusing on healthcare, life sciences, mergers and acquisitions and other assignments. I'll say more, soon, but I wanted to let Venture Nashville's readers, sources and other friends know, now. will soon go into hiatus. As word has gotten 'round, some folks have expressd interest in exploring keeping VNC going. I'd sure love that. It's been a labor of love. If there turn out to be serious prospects for that, you'll be among the first to know. Meanwhile, stick with us. Cheers, Milt Capps []


Debbie Gordon said...

Milt, please tell me this is an April Fools joke! Seriously, congratulations on the Financial Times deal...sounds great. I will certainly miss all this amazing and timely content.

Debbie Gordon

Venture Nashville Connections said...

Thanks, Debbie. 'Really appreciate the reception VNC has gotten. Milt

Frank P said...

I agree with Debbie - this is a big loss! But great news on the FT deal and I look forward to following you in the new role.
Frank Pazera

Blair said...

Milt, thanks for the valuable work on Venture Nashville and congratulations on joining Financial Times.

Best regards,

Blair Stilwell

Paul said...


I've been a regular reader for what seems like forever now and I hate to read this! You always provided the best information and links. Dangit. I'd come here about once a month and 'catch' up... well, now I suppose I'm all caught up ... only, I never found my investor :-)

Wish you the best and wish someone with time would pick up where you've left off and continue the great Venture Nashville reporting.

Venture Nashville Connections said...

Discussions about resuming VentureNashville's publication continue with several interested parties. The door remains open. Best, Milt Capps

Anonymous said...

Milt: Just saw this. Wondered why I wasnt getting your excellent stories anymore.
You will be missed. I dont know a better or more energetic financial journalist anywhere in the South.
Gordon McKemie

Dave Delaney said...

Congratulations on your new position. We'll miss Venture Nashville!

I hope someone will pick it up in your absence.