Thursday, November 04, 2010

Bredesen, Farr Silicon Ranch branding begins

Silicon Ranch Corp. is a new solar-energy-related startup involving Gov. Phil Bredesen, who is, according to The Tennessean today, backing his former State Revenue Commissioner Reagan Farr, who is SRC's sole employee, and who is exploring a niche in the solar-arrays sector. Could there be a Solar REIT in the offing? The company is a Delaware company, according to the Secretary of State's online data. The agent for its registration is, the State says, Tom Trent, a partner in Bradley Arant Boult Cummings. Trent's a real-estate, finance and economic-development attorney, according to the BABC website. ECD Commissioner Matt Kisber is mentioned as also involved, somehow. The Tennessean recounts the strong push the Bredesen Administration has given Solar during the Bredesen years, and notes Farr has an office adjacent Pathway Lending, a financial institution with strong ties to state economic-development programs. The Tennessean notes Bredesen and Farr also traveled to Spain on a state mission, to discuss clean energy. Spain has one of the world's largest solar-array ranches. Months ago, Columnist Gail Kerr spotted Gov. Bredesen's interest in things Solar, in her widely read column. Kisber and Farr (L-R, at left) have been widely credited as key in the Bredesen Administrations' recruitment of investment by Hemlock, Volkswagen and other majors, as well as in passage of the TNInvestco investment program. More recent commentary, from KNS columnist Greg Johnson (Nov. 12).

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Ed Dodds said...

SolarCity has an interesting model.