Monday, June 27, 2011

Startup Tennessee draws Gov. Haslam, Startup America CEO Case

Startup Tennessee's launch will be celebrated tomorrow in Nashville, with help from Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, Startup America CEO Scott Case, and others. It could be just the added ingredient the Tennessee entrepreneurial ecosystem has been needed. Time will tell. More here.


Ed Dodds said...

Speaking of verticals, Stephen Langton of the Deloitte Center for Leadership, Bush House, London blogs, in The Bush House Telegraph, "Culture vulture", concerning the importance of "boundary spanners" re: why some organizations are "hot houses" for ideas and innovation while others are not Since my self-appellation is collaboration strategist I generally agree with his conclusions.

Venture Nashville Connections said...

Agree. Press conference in 1 hour. Will be interesting. Milt 28 june 1018 hrs cdst