Friday, September 30, 2011

Tech-Creative Hub for N'ville?

They're a long way from the finish line, to be sure, but advocates and backers of 'Pantheon Park' say they can create a business and performance venue in Davidson County that will attract and retain entrepreneurs, Creative Class members, performers, engineers and others. Read about it here.

Stover exits TTDC

James Stover (left), after 3 years at COO at Tenn. Technology Development Corporation, is leaving for a new molecular-biology startup, backed by TriStar and Limestone TNInvestcos. Read about it here.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

S2 to investor forum

Larry Foster's doing a lot of right things with his S2 Interactive startup, which has technology to keep surgeon's tools coming in proper order during complex surgeries.. next, he pitches a venture forum in Memphis. Here it is.

LeanKit A-round

Chris Hefley, 36, is about to undertake a potentially life- and venture-changing event: The A-round that could propell globally his Nashville-centered Cloud-based startup, LeanKit... read about it here.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Agassi's Cogent adieu

Antoine Agassi, former president and COO of Cogent healthcare, has stepped down, is taking a breather after years of M&A busyness. More here.


Kemp Dolliver, Avondale Partners' gun-slingin' hospital-services analyst, is now working for Religare Capital, in Singa-freakin-pore. More here.


Luke Simons, most recently of Council Capital (fka: Council Ventures), is having a blast at 76, while 41-year-old Les Wilkinson at Martin Companies and 45-year-old Si Deane of the Baden startup have nothing on him. Meet these guys here.


The Music City Music Council has a new superstructure and a second wind, under leadership from Mayor Karl Dean and co-chair Randy Goodman. The details are here.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

SpoutingRock eyes TN

Spouting Rock Capital, based in the Philadelphia area, is apparently getting help from Nashville Angel investor Crom Carmichael, as it prepares a fund that may invest in Nashville-Tennessee ventures. Here's our update on Carmichael's activities and interests.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Venture NoSpin

The Birmingham Business Journal (sub) lets Blueprint Birmingham advocates know that evasiveness and BS won't be enough to win support for the civic economic transformation initiative. Blueprint leaders are apparently behind schedule in divulging details of their campaign's progress, strategy, etc. Our view: Granted, economic conditions have left every endeavor fraught with uncertainty. No better time to err on the side of transparency in our dealings, particularly when trying to open a new front on innovation for the New Economy in Birmingham, or Nashville. Enough of the smoke, mirrors, spin and BS. Straight talk brings more unity, wisdom and genuine sustainable enthusiasm for progress.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

VenX investment

Today's SEC filing indicates $1.7MM going to VenX, the medical device manufacturer that's gotten strong investment from TriStar Technology Fund, the TNInvestco. Filing here.

Nashville SEC filings

[Updated] Claritas Capital and BreatheAmerica both made SEC filings in the past 36 hours or so.. Joe Hutts at Breathe reported raising $12MM and says there's another $10MM ontap for when it's time.. Claritas Cap has raised about $10MM toward its $75MM total goal for two pooled investment interest funds.. read about it here.