Sunday, February 14, 2010

TCPR weighs-in on TNInvestco

Tennessee Center for Policy Research Interim Executive Director Clint Brewer (left), formerly editor of The City Paper in Nashville and a former national president of the Society of Professional Journalists, weighed-in Friday on what he characterizes as the State's efforts to maintain "secrecy" around the TNInvestco program, rather than simply protect the confidentiality of corporate and state information the confidentiality of which they consider crucial to state economic development efforts. Last August, Brewer also raised the spectre of inappropriate insurance-industry ties among some TNInvestco legislative sponsors. Full VNC coverage of TNInvestco here.

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Venture Nashville Connections said...

An anonymous critic brought up a good point: I'd used the term gadfly inappropriately. I'd always thought of advocates of the public interest who are gadflies as a generally good thing, but the word does connote a goad to action by an irritating source. Clint Brewer's commentary or report on TNInvestco was even-handed and well grounded. IT remains to be seen whether any gadflies will actually arise.