Friday, July 25, 2008

On-demand player hits pause button

For someone still in his early 40s, Alton Minton (at left) of Hendersonville has had a goodly share of bad press, deserved or not. First, it was around allegations he sold shares in airplanes FractionAir didn't own. Now, his is in disputes with one or more web-presence developers and at least one ally believes Minton's 'gone under'. Minton assured VNC yesterday iNowTV is alive and kicking, and that he'll have his site up within six weeks. Meanwhile, am I the only person in North America who isn't trying to launch a video on-demand service? Wassup with this? The latest on Minton's venture, here.


Anonymous said...

I had the privlage of working with Alton Minton for a short time in 2006 and found him to be a very genuine guy,familly orianted and would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He is a buisness man and most of the bad buisness I have read about him was probally done in good intensions. In the buisness world nothing is a sure thing do your research and invest wisely.You cant blame a man for trying to get something started to make money for him and others.When it doesnt make it he just seems to be the guy holding the bag and takeing the blame.Everyone wants to blame someone!He was always straight up with me,And he has my respect..

Venture Nashville Connections said...

Thanks for writing. Minton promised us an update later this year. We love to see ventures succeed.