Saturday, August 30, 2008

TSU: A New Age Now Begins?

[UPDATED Sept. 4, 2008] See our report on TSU Provost Robert Hampton's linchpin role in TSU reform. As originally posted: Since Tennessee State University President Melvin Johnson joined the 96-year-old institution three years ago, there's been reason for optimism about Metro Nashville becoming home to a public university that excels academically, scientifically, administratively and in the civic realm. The extraordinary self-examination the University has undertaken in the past 18 months becomes vivid when you read both the University's new Academic Master Plan (AMP) and the "tough love" report of Pappas Consulting Group. These documents seem to reflect the strong resolve of TSU leadership to create a great leap forward for the institution. The workplan for this year is herculean. These reports illuminate TSU's flaws. More important, they shine a very bright light on TSU's commitment to its mission and its determination to fulfill TSU's obligations to state and commmunity -- by creating a place where students and faculty hone their minds, ignite inquiry, serve society and engage with the communities in which they stand. TSU will need our support. If you'd like to learn more about the adventure that lies directly ahead for TSU and Nashville, here are links to PDFs of the AMP and the Pappas report. BTW, it seems the University seal has been largely supplanted by a modern logo, but I love the seal's inclusion of 'NASHVILLE'.

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