Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chattanooga may be U.S. economy in microcosm

The latest report doesn't include Volkswagen's impact or the ramifications of the current economic morass, but the latest Ochs reports on the State of the Chattanooga region contains some interesting numbers, including a surge in information technology employment of about 125 percent during 2001-07. During the same period, engineering jobs were down substantially. The Chattanoogan reports it here. The full report is here, at the Ochs Center for Metropolitan Studies, in Chattanooga.

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Bicx said...

This is a very interesting report that I missed during December. As a Chattanooga resident, I have had a wide selection of job opportunities, causing me to wonder whatever happened to the whole "economic crisis." However, this may be due to the fact that I'm searching for software development jobs, which have grown substantially over the last few years. I can get a job with little or no competition, while my business degree friends must compete with dozens of other similarly-qualified applicants.