Friday, January 07, 2011

Haslam names Revenue chief

Gov.-Elect Bill Haslam this afternoon announced he's named Richard Roberts (left), a lawyer and corporate securities expert, a director of auto parts supplier Miller Industries, and a former SVP with ForwardAir among other transportation-industry roles, to be the new Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Revenue. Roberts' Forbes profile says he was a keyman for Friends of [former US Senator) Fred Thompson. His bachelor's, MBA and J.D. are all from University of Tennessee. Haslam also recently named former Bridgestone Americas Chairman and CEO Mark Emkes to head Finance & Administration, succeeding Gov. Bredesen's David Goetz, who joined tech contractor Ingenix. Let's see, that's Bill Haslam from the Pilot fuel-services area, Roberts with auto aftermarket and logistics experience and Emkes from Bridgestone. Could there possibly be an Auto/Logistics relocation candidate with whom these three couldn't speak with some authority?

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