Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Solidus-Seed Hatchery mentees named

Seed Hatchery and Solidus (JumpStart) announced their first 6-startup cohort for the Memphis Seed Hatchery incubator. The only one with an alpha website is StiQRd, technology for the digital loyalty wallet; others in the cohort (all with URL's parked) Tridyn, focused on electronic device recharging stations with digital marketing; Obeedo, online groceries with drive-through pickup; Krikle, which enables self-expression via GPS and Smartphone-enabled virtual graffiti wall; WTF Memphis (the acronym can't have the usual meaning), which relates to "domesticating wireless sensor networks"; and Work for Pie, a ""-ish for entrepreneurs and co-founders. The Seed Hatchery release is here. It says, in part, "Seed Hatchery is a mentorship-driven seed fund that invests to accelerate new companies through the early phases of starting up. It was founded by serial entrepreneur Eric Mathews in partnership with Solidus Company, one of the new TNInvestco venture funds. The Seed Hatchery startups will receive access to successful business leaders, an innovative 90 day cohort program to help them develop their startups, as well as $15,000 in capital. Incubation space and other operational support are furnished..." The tip o' the Seed Hatchery spear in Memphis is entrepreneur and consultant Eric Matthews. More VNC news is here.

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