Monday, September 28, 2009

Airplay Direct update

In June we reported Airplay Direct, which enables artists to distribute songs and presskits, was considering moving from Atlanta to Nashville, tho the decision seemed to us then and now to hinge largely on attracting NV capital. In reviewing Airplay entrepreneur Robert Weingartz's background, we (and he) omitted that he previously had some kind of relationship with a company called Radio Submit, which operates in the same space and is also a licensee of JamRoom, software apparently key to the rival companies' models. We learned this from the RadioSubmit guys in the past few days. Reached by VNC this weekend, Weingartz politely declined to comment on remarks sent us by RadioSubmit's Robert Bartosh, out of Austin. The Radio Submit guys said indicated they were mainly irritated not to have been credited in the story with being first (their claim) in the space. Weingartz said he'll soon provide an update on his company. (JamRoom is owned by Tall Dude Networks.)

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