Wednesday, September 30, 2009

RePower TN expands

Nashville-based Repower Tennessee has opened a Chattanooga office, the TFP reports. As part of the Repower America campaign, the TN operation aims to spur clean energy and creation of Green jobs.

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Jim Lindsey said...

Should any in the Nashville group
ever need information on solar, please call Jim Lindsey 833-4494.

I've been involved with solar installations for thirty years and am able to install solar water heaters or photovoltaics.

Hawaii installed 8,200 solar water heaters last year and Tennessee may have installed 75 at the most.

The number installed in Hawaii will produce more than three times the power produced by Governor Bredesen's solar farm.

Regardless of what you may hear, we are in the bottom ten of states using solar.
We need to change that whether TVA likes it or not.
Jim Lindsey