Tuesday, September 22, 2009

HealthStream-Quorum pact revealed

Today, not long after an analyst questioned HealthStream's strategy and supposed lack of adequate synergy between learning and research, (quoting the companies' release) "HealthStream, Inc. (NASDAQ: HSTM), a leading provider of learning and research solutions for the healthcare industry, and Quorum Health Resources (QHR), the nation’s largest hospital management company and one of the top 10 healthcare consulting firms in the United States, announced today a partnership that enables both HealthStream and QHR to deliver a wider range of best-in-class solutions to the hospital market. Through the new partnership, QHR will be able to offer hospital clients industry-leading learning and research solutions from HealthStream while, concurrently, HealthStream will be able to offer hospital clients QHR’s proven consulting and innovative education and training solutions."

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