Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nashville heats up?

Right now, it seems unlikely the institutional and informal meetup layers of Nashville's Technology community will co-mingle. Odds are good, for instance, that if you go to the July 31 breakfast of Nashville Geeks, you won't also be attending the Nashville Technology Council's Aug. 7 roundtable on data management for business intelligence -- okay, unless maybe your name is Dave Delaney, the guy who's apparently involved in everything digital in town. Well, maybe we all need to get out a little more. Check out this report on Digital Nashville, and co-founder Skip Franklin, who's also SVP at PassAlong Networks.


Anonymous said...

Nice choice of events!

I rarely miss a Nashville Geek Breakfast, and it looks like I will be on the panel for the NTC BI roundtable.

Dave said...

Thanks for sharing the news about happenings in Nashville. I hope to see you at breakfast.


Anonymous said...

I'm an enterprise tech guy (at least in my current spot), and I'm at the Barcamp/Nashvillegeeks events.. haven't attended many of the NTC things lately since they seem, more often than not, to be about tradeshow sales pitch and less about finding out what's happening around town.
But perhaps I'll have to attend the BI event on 8/7 and see if things have changed in the last year or so..