Friday, May 09, 2008

KravTek's $10 million gambit

In what they acknowledge is a 'race against time', Nashville-based KravTek Media hopes that within 60 days the company can show potential investors and customers its latest prototype technology for seamlessly integrating content delivery for in-home digital devices. The speed, security, fidelity and wirelessness of KravTek's device could be the kind of breakthrough or disruptive technology that spawns an economic wave, or at least a major ripple. In keeping with tradition, Founders Norm Taylor and Ed Kaeser (L-R, at left) and their team of industry veterans have until recently worked without pay, with operations are divvied-up among the executives' homes in Franklin, Old Hickory and elsewhere, in an effort to conserve cash during their development phase. Next up: Recruiting up to $10 million in equity capital. The fledgling venture faces the customary long odds, but could become the kind of startup Nashville needs to strengthen its standing in entertainment, communications and media. Read the full story here.

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