Friday, May 30, 2008

Waiting for 'The Big One'

Over on the VNC website, our VC Update provides a timely reminder that 'the deals that make sense get funded', but that, eventually, becoming a star technology city will probably hinge on one of our local companies hitting a homer --- the legendary 'Big One', the likes of which created Silicon Valley. Our influential sources include Professors Germain Boer (at left) and Bruce Lynskey, and debt-equity transaction guru Tom Wylly. Read the story here. It's also a reminder that one of the nice things about Nashville's business culture is that most investors here take little joy in bursting someone's balloon. Note: In some other communities, venture forums give the most persistent entrepreneurs a fair hearing, while allowing investors some breathing room. It's been awhile since there was a venture forum in Nashville, although forums in Knoxville-Oak Ridge, Chattanooga and Memphis continue to draw crowds. In addition, most business-plan competitions in Nashville and elsewhere in Tennessee offer little, if any access for those who aren't students or faculty of the hosting campuses. The Nashville Business Incubation Center is an exception, but of more than 30 plans submitted in this year's competition, the few companies closest to tech were in IT services, data management and online e-tailing. Fortunately, the Greater Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and Partnership 2010 will sometime this summer release their Entrepreneur Project's recommendations on how to fill some of these gaps. Stay tuned, meanwhile, today's article is here.

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