Thursday, May 01, 2008

World Trade Center for Nashville

Creating a World Trade Center will not be a slam dunk in Nashville. However, today Franklin-based entrepreneur Robert Thompson (left) said he and his firm CenTradeX have plunked-down $200K upfront to obtain the franchise for Middle Tennessee from the World Trade Centers Association. You can read the full story here. I learned of Thompson's application a couple months ago, while reporting CenTradeX's development of websites for WTCA members, but couldn't say anything til the WTCA board gave him the nod. Though trade centers face extremely tough development and marketing hurdles, the notion is compelling. I should note that during the Eighties I played a minor supporting role in what turned-out to be an ill-fated effort to create a WTC in Northern Virginia -- an effort superseded years later by creation of the WTCA member known as the Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center, on Pennsylvania Avenue. Updated 4:23 P.M.: Alexei Smirnov at BusinessTN saw our scoop and provided this link to his 2006 CenTradeX story.

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