Sunday, October 19, 2008

FCC: Tate's swan song Nov. 4

It may've been nonrefundable airline tickets as much as tenacity that caused Low-Power TV advocates to descend, as VentureNashville reported Friday, on a Vanderbilt health forum to intercept Tennessee native and FCC Commissioner Deborah Tate. They want regulatory permission to move-up to full power. The FCC may address the issue during its meeting, Nov. 4 (Election Day, unless it's rescheduled). Or, the commissioners could dispatch the LPTV issue by voting in the interim, among themselves. The Nov. 4 meeting could be freighted with heavy issues, including Net Neutrality, the universal service fee and other issues -- crammed-in, because all players anticipate tumult after the election. An FCC staff member reminded us Friday that while Tate was named by the White House to a full 5-year term, she has not received Senate confirmation. Her term expires when Congress adjourns.

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