Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ultra-quiet Griffin Technology now Tweeting

Tomorrow makes a month since Griffin Technology, arguably Nashville's quietest big technology company -- driven by inventing new gadgets for iPod users -- began tweeting as griffintech. Blame it all on Nashvillian Dave Delaney (at left), the promoter-evangelist Griffin hired Sept. 8 as its social-media coordinator. Delaney tells us through his blog that he's also still speaking at public events, consulting on marketing and threatening to create more events akin to those he's co-invented locally, including BarCamp and PodCamp. Some other Nashville companies are gettin' it, apparently. E.g., PassAlong Networks CEO Dave Jaworksi is into tweeting, while others, like Gibson Guitar, are doing things like launching a Second Life 3-D community.

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Dave Delaney said...

Thanks for your post. Just to update, I am not currently offering consulting services. However, I am offering speaking engagements.

I recently spoke at BarCamp Nashville:
http://blog.davemadethat.com/2008/10/21/video-microblogging-fast-fast-good-good/ and will be speaking at a NAMA lunch November 5: http://nashvilleama.org/events/118/nama-luncheon-nov-5th/