Saturday, October 11, 2008

Underway: Startup Weekend Nashville

Nashville Startup Weekend 1.0 is well underway within the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management HQ (at left), and this morning the group narrowed-down its interests to seven finalist concepts out of a field of more than 30 ideas, according to entrepreneur, software guru and blogger Jackson Miller (who also demo'd his wares in last month's TechCrunch DemoPit). Jackson captured much of the action thus far in this post. The focus has been whittled to seven ideas for further development and presentation by Sunday evening. Co-organizer Jason Moore said this morning there's not a lot of blogging on the NSW page, partly because so many attendees are twittering. Hmmm.

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Andrew Duthie said...

It's true, Milt. Even people like me have been pulled in -- I mean, have seen the light and started using Twitter for some things. If you want to follow along (after the fact), search for #NSW08 using

Also, Jason posted some great write-ups on each team over the course of the weekend.

I'll be interested to see which projects make it into the real world -- there's a couple I'd love to see survive.