Saturday, November 15, 2008

India capacity for absorbing VC

One of's analytic tools highlighted the fact that an interesting portion of our small, but select VNC audience resides in India. Asked about possible explanations for this, one keen local observer noted there's tremendous VC action in India, and some U.S. VCs offshore their research to India. So, maybe they're monitoring VC-oriented websites. More googling, and we found updates on India's indigenous VC/PE sector and that nation's growing capacity for absorbing U.S. and other global venture capital, as well as news about the roles of Cisco and Intel as anchors in India/VC. There could also be interest abroad in the Tennessee activities of such India-flag companies as InfoSys, or the successes of such Nashville-headquartered firms as Avankia and eMids Technologies, companies with strong links to India. Or, maybe the Nashville Area Chamber, the Nashville Technology Council and others have stirred things up by planning their first trade mission to India, next year. Wonder if they'll take any Nashville VCs along on the trip.

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