Saturday, November 15, 2008

'Nashville Overground' tech community idea

Whew! Yesterday's Nashville Overground article stirred some discussion, including some applause for Alex Lavidge (left), and some concern about someone 'not from here' possibly taking the lead in creating a coworking environment in Music City. Comments, Anyone? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

We have a homegrown version of co-working coming out of the ground already that is being organized by Chuck Bryant and Jackson Miller. I heard the whole pitch the other night at the Barcamp organizer's bash and it's right down the pipe of what Nashville needs.

Check out

It has the unique smell of the cooperative technology environment that we are growing here and has an"open source" feel to it.

There may be room for both models, who knows...

My current favorite co-working spot - Scarrit-Bennett College.

3 cafes, wi-fi, conference rooms, & a most fabulous chapel for prayer/meditation.

Paul Van Hoesen

Venture Nashville Connections said...

Yes! Coincidentally, I took the coworking survey earlier this morning. Milt