Monday, November 17, 2008

Nashville business whistlin' in the dark?

It's great to report that business-sorta-as-usual continues: As reported on VNC today, Frank Pazera of TechCFO is bullish on entering the Nashville market to provide CFOs to tech and life-sciences firms. At the same time, responses to our recent very-informal survey of 104 IT executives suggests, at best, a little tension out there. See the story here. Though there is certainly concern about layoffs, it's interesting to see that CEOs are less concerned on that dimension. At the same time, we continue to hear reports, formally and via the grapevine, of a steady stream of layoffs, realignments and reductions in force. LP, Eastman, Cybera, JewelryTV and others are among the TN firms right-sizing. We'll stick the gauge in, again, this spring and see what folks think then.

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