Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Execs: TN biotech has earned 'right to exist' in niches

Memphis Daily News reports that Memphis BioWorks Foundation chief Steve Bares and Leslie Wisner-Lynch (at left) make the case that, while Tennessee is behind the curve in some bio sectors, we have strengths in others, such as med devices and biologics. The need to strengthen further Tennessee's ecosystem and infrastructure comes into play. Middle Tennessee-based Wisner-Lynch is the co-founder of BioTN LLC (a K-12 science-math initiative), a leader of the Tennessee Biotechnology Association, a member of the board of Tennessee Technology Development Corporation, and co-founder and formerly an executive with Biomimetic Therapeutics. The MDN's story is here.

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Ed Dodds said...

The difficulty that I have is that if you see all the stories where we should be "boosting" various techie initiatives, the execs almost always seem to be afraid of social media and online networking tools (go check number of connections on LinkedIn, for instance). The internet makes this kind of innovation dissemination like failing off a chair -- except that the decision makers seem to refuse to take advantage.