Monday, July 13, 2009

Telecom: Local researchers examine Stimulus impact

Telecom Pragmatics, based in Nashville with an office in Maryland, provides just a teasing amount of intel from its recent report on projected impact of Stimulus spending on Telecom infrastructure. You have to pay big bucks to get the full report, but Telecom said in a release today, "Large construction firms contracted by the independent telcos will get the biggest amount of money because about 60 percent of Fiber-To-The-home (FTTH) costs are in this activity.... Corning is the dominant optical fiber provider in the U.S., as well as a large supplier of other outside plant equipment. Calix will likely continue to be the market share leader as an overall access provider to the IOCs because as a private company, it can afford to put market share ahead of margin. Others that will greatly benefit include FTTH electronics manufacturers like Enablence as well as vendors of passive gear for these applications. Also, given the relatively large amount of funds devoted to the 'middle mile', optical transport suppliers will substantially benefit. In addition, there should be noticeable sales of head-end gear as well as routers for the backend. Moreover, there could be a fair amount of money spent on HFC upgrades by the cable TV companies. Telecom Pragmatics believes [Stimulus spending for] FTTH will substantially dwarf DSL, wireless, and other solutions. " Telecom Pragmatics also keeps a running list of predictions validated. Among predictions: AT&T and its peers will focus increasingly on wireless Video transmission.

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