Thursday, July 30, 2009

TyraTech loves WSJ

In this era of All Things Green, it's easy to understand why an item in today's Wall Street Journal is important to tech-transfer portfolio watchers at Vanderbilt, as well as to firms in Memphis and in Florida. In a report on use of natural ingredients as pesticides, the WSJ made happy campers of the folks at TyraTech, a Florida firm with R&D and tech-commercialization ties to Vanderbilt, at the same time gracing Terminix, the marketer of SafeShield, which contains ingredients engineered by TyraTech. Terminix is a unit of Memphis-based ServiceMaster. Meanwhile, Nashville industry recruiters and your loyal scribe are awaiting words from TyraTech regarding its once-rumored relocation here from Melbourne, Fla. VU is home to key TyraTech scientist Essam Enan (at left).

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