Monday, July 06, 2009

[Updated July 7] BMI shifting some jobs to NV

[Updated July 7 0656] picks up two items reflecting on our evolving Music industry: The New York Times' blogs reported Friday that BMI is shifting 32 administrative jobs to BMI's Nashville quarters in a consolidation of admi and royalties-tracking functions here, as the home office prepares to move more senior executive jobs to 7 World Trade Center. Update: The Tennessean reports July 7 that about 24 personnel are likely to be hired in Nashville, with perhaps 8 transferring from NYC. BMI currently employs about 500 here, said the TSN. Earlier, assayed a column by "Creative Class" author Richard Florida in Atlantic Monthly, in which he suggests that corporate dominance of the Nashville Music scene may stultify, as well as sustain.

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