Wednesday, July 01, 2009

'Will the real Idleaire please step forward'

Okay, scratch my earlier: It's Knoxville-based Idleaire Inc., created with assets bought at auction from Idleaire Technologies, which is in Chapter 7, that is salivating over ARRA grants awarded 13 states, including Tennessee, where Idleaire hopes to earn a share for its truckstop power, Internet, cooling and other services delivered to truck cabs. The latest KNS story here. Earlier Idleaire reports here. Christina Sanchez's broader story today in The Tennessean mentions Idleaire, also, but the angle is truckstop electrification as an anti-diesel pollution story. The Tennessean's stories are usually not available longer than a week or so, before they go behind the paid-archive wall, so apologies in advance.

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