Monday, June 16, 2008

Entrepreneur fights his way toward global work

It's far too early to tell whether the title 'Renaissance Man' applies, but Shane Messer is certainly a contender for busiest guy in the universe. The onetime computer programmer, who says he spent some time living out of his car behind a Wal-Mart, now owns a smallish private-equity investor, The Incubator Group, from which he has launched, revived or grown a number of businesses -- the latest being firms seeking to capitalize on runaway interest in mixed-martial arts events. Governor Bredesen made Messer's day, Friday, when the chief signed into law legislation creating a new commission to oversee boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts. MMA advocates say the new law means more instate entertainment for Tennesseans and a bit of money for state coffers. Meanwhile, it seems Messer considers unarmed combat just another waystation along the path to deeper involvement in economic development in other nations. Read the full story, here.

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