Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nashville 49th in creating Tech jobs

Nashville is fortunate to be among the 60 U.S. cities that made AeA "Cybercities" ranking, released today. A city must have at last 17,000 high-tech jobs to get in that circle. However, a set of three reports suggest both Nashville and the State of Tennessee have only a precarious foothold in Tech employment, a grip likely to become shakier in an economic downturn. There are mixed signals: Our Tech wages rose faster than any other Cybercity in 2006, but we're only 49th in creating Tech jobs, with weak showings on other indicators, as well. And, we've lost ground: As reported in our story this morning, The Milken Institute State Science and Technology index, which rates states using 77 indicators -- says Tennessee now ranks 40th among states in science-technology advancement, compared with our 34 rank in 2004. Read the whole story here.

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