Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Update: Agassi new CIO at Cogent Healthcare

Gov. Bredesen's eHealth Advisory Council leading-man, Antoine Agassi (at left) will become Chief Information Officer at Cogent Healthcare in Brentwood, July 1, according to the company's announcement this morning. Agassi's departure from the Council was reported here June 20. Initial indications are Agassi will remain an advisor or consultant to the Bredesen Administration. Apart from that, Agassi could play a key role supporting nascent technology ventures: The eHealth Council's grants programs and the state's push for e-prescribing, in particular, have already spurred more than one venture. Apart from that, Agassi's role as a strategic advisor to Tall Oaks Capital Partners LLC (Charlottesville, Va.) may soon be just one several such board-level chairs Agassi holds, now that he's free of state-employment rules. From such vantage points, Agassi could help steer capital to promising Tennessee companies. First, though, we'll have to await announcement of his new CIO role, which is due-out around just after the Fourth of July. Read today's story here.

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